Manage your soccer club
Scout, train, and trade players
Build and expand your stadium
Become the champion

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Rabona Screen Tables

Manage your soccer club

Rabona is a massive multiplayer online soccer management game built on the Hive blockchain. Lead your club to the top of the league and become the champion!

• Decide how to build and develop your team
• Take on the role of the head coach of your team
• Manage the financials of your club
• Build and expand your stadium and many other buildings
• Analyse match statistics, clubs, and players
• Win matches to increase the number of your fans
• Sign advertisement contracts
• Build your soccer empire

Rabona Screen Match

Scout, train, and trade players

In Rabona, players are aging. You do not own players but sign a contract with them - which gives you the exclusive right to have them on your team.

• Scout and sign contracts with the best players
• Cancel or renew contracts with players
• The cleverer the player is, the harder the contract negotiations are
• Players have 17 different stats/formations
• Player stats are generated by a random function based on the Hive blockchain
• Train young players into superstars
• Set a line-up or use the auto-play function
• Buy and sell players on the market
• Freeze players if you want to store rare players as collectibles

Rabona Screen Stadium

Build and expand your stadium

Build and expand your stadium and many other buildings. Expand the infrastructure, increase your income, and set ticket, beer, bratwurst, fan shirt, and scarf price.

• Stadium increases the capacity of the seats
• Catering increases the capacity to serve additional guests
• Shop increases the capacity to sell more shirts and scarfs
• Hotels and parking lots increases your income
• Office building reduces the salary offers
• Building yard reduces the upgrade time for buildings
• Youth academy increases the efficiency ratio of scouting
• Training center increases the home advantage
• You can up- and downgrade buildings to balance operating costs

Rabona Screen Exchange

Trade RBN and digital collectibles

Thanks to the full transparency of the Hive blockchain, it's easy to verify transactions of all clubs and to determine how many RBN and digital collectibles are in circulation.

• RBN is an in-game token that you can earn while playing
• Profitable clubs earn RBN each season
• Trade RBN on the in-game exchange with other clubs
• Withdraw and deposit RBN anytime
• Full blockchain transparency
• Trade and collect digital collectibles
• Regular auctions of limited and rare collectibles
• The best clubs earn additional Hive rewards each season

Be a part of the community

This is a living, breathing game world of soccer with registered users/clubs.
Build your dream squad. Be a part of the community. Create your story.

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