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Edition #01

Wanderers FC [Winner of the first FA Cup]

The FA Cup (Football Association Challenge Cup) is the oldest existing football competition. It is the oldest among all tournaments as well as all leagues that still exist today. The first FA Cup matches ever were played on 11 November 1871. The first FA Cup Final was played on 16 March 1872 at the Kennington Oval, in which Wanderers defeated Royal Engineers.

The Wanderers beat the Royal Engineers 1–0 to become the first-ever winners of the cup, the winning goal being scored by Morton Betts. The historian's view: BBC Sport article

Edition #01 is the Wanderers line-up (11 players) in the final match on 16 March 1872.

Reginald Courtenay Welch Goalkeeper England Wikipedia Sold
Edgar Lubbock Defender England Wikipedia Sold
Albert Thompson Defender England Wikipedia Sold
C. W. Alcock Defender England Wikipedia Sold
Edward Bowen Attacker Ireland Wikipedia Sold
Alexander Bonsor Attacker England Wikipedia Sold
Morton Betts Attacker England Wikipedia Sold
William Crake Attacker England Wikipedia Sold
Thomas Hooman Attacker England Wikipedia Sold
Walpole Vidal Attacker England Wikipedia Sold
Charles Wollaston Attacker England Wikipedia Sold

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